Catherine Wagley, “Five Artsy Things To Do This Week: Radio On The Telephone,” LA Weekly, August 8, 2012.

Radio on the telephone Artist Rob Faucette first heard the phrase "Amy radio" from a guy he met in northern Vermont. It was slang for "A.M.," the guy told him. That gave Faucette the idea for Amy Radio, a series of radio shows he first produced for a station in Vienna. The songs, ads, sound effects and narratives that made up the series borrowed the nostalgic, quaint tone of late­night radio or variety shows à la Prairie Home Companion (Faucette produced some terribly cliche cowboy ballads). Starting this week, 323 Projects, which is an answering service and not a place, will feature a new Amy episode daily. The whole thing's delightfully archaic: calling a land line to listen to the radio. Through Aug. 31. (323) 843­4652 or (323) TIE­IN­LA,

-Catherine Wagley
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