Shana Nys Dambrot, “Call Ahead For This One,”LA Weekly, Mar. 24, 2011.

Author, visual artist, curator and all­around aesthetic provocateur Christopher Russell is known for illustrated writings and haunting mixed­media gallery installations that put memory and perception to the test. Russell's perennial subject matter is the precarious co­ dependency of damaged human beings (aka everybody) and their struggle to make something of themselves. In his soon­to­be­released novel, Russell revisits the 2002 Baltimore Snipers' killing spree as a character study in bad influence, in which repressed memories, oppressive authorities and raw emotion combine to violent effect. Which brings us to Christopher Russell: Sniper at 323 Projects, the city's preeminent telephone­based art gallery. Beginning with tonight's "opening," Russell reads installments of the novel every day until it's finished on April 22, leaving his serialized book on tape on the gallery's public line for anyone with a phone to hear from wherever they happen to be. In advance of the book's physical release from the cult favorite Bedwetter imprint, Russell also has created the sharp and striking limited­ edition print Uncut especially for this exhibition, combining his love of layering stories with his penchant for collage and juxtaposition, in a program that gives new meaning to phoning it in. 3

323 Projects, Phone­In Gallery; Fri., March 25, 6­9 p.m.; free. (323) TIE­IN­LA or (323) 843­ 4652. Fri., March 25, 6­9 p.m., 2011
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