The Electors by Roy Neel


I edited, illustrated, and designed this book for Roy Neel, my dad. Working with him on this project was one of the most rewarding things I've done in my life.

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The Electors opens with a bang, literally, and a Presidential election is turned upside down.

Every four years Americans go to the polls to elect a president- or at least they think they do. In fact, they elect Electors, who gather five weeks later to cast their votes for the candidate of the party who wins their state.

Except when they don't.

A riveting story of massive political corruption, THE ELECTORS follows a conspiracy hatched by the White House Chief of Staff, in the wake of a devastating terrorist incident in the nation's Capitol.

Armed with world-class online hackers and unlimited secret political funds, two forces collide in a nail-biting chase to claim the world's most powerful office.

While the President's agents plot to steal reelection, the challenger's team races against the political timetable to uncover the most diabolical scheme since Watergate. As one commentator noted-

"This is a story that would simply be a great political thriller...if it weren't so frighteningly possible."

THE ELECTORS enters an unthinkable scenario that was, in fact, predicted two centuries ago by Thomas Jefferson..."the [Electoral College] is the most dangerous blot on our constitution, and one which some unlucky chance will some day hit."

That day has arrived.

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