323 Projects

323 Projects exists to provide a dispersed, peripatetic, and constantly accessible venue for artists of all kinds who seek to explore issues important to their respective practices. The artists involved with 323 Projects provide, create, or perform works that can be appreciated in bits and pieces, and at more than one time, in both public and private spaces, by an unseen, yet omnipresent, local and international audience.

Exhibitions at 323 Projects can be reached by dialing a phone number (previously (323) 843-4652. Once the caller connects, they hear an audio recording by a featured artist. In certain instances the caller has the option of leaving a message that the exhibiting artist can hear and do with what they will.

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Elana Mann: Instruments of Accountability, in collaboration with Pitzer College Art Galleries

You Can Do It! A collaboration with Pike School of Art, McComb, MS


Fist Art Shock! by Maud Oonk


High Priestesses by Michelle Andrade, Michelle Chong, Meg Cranston, and Bridget Kane


KLAM Radio by Lenae Day and Anna Kryczka


Please Listen Carefully As Our Menu Options Have Changed by Alex Schub

THE WAY IT SOUNDS by Sojung Kwon

Make ‘Em Laugh, featuring Andrew Vietri, Atsuko Okatsuka, Steven Bankhead, Becky Grajeda, Davey Whitcraft, Willem Augustus, Doom Trumpet, Drew Dunlap, Jenny Yurshansky, Michelle Weine, Natalie Zlamalova, Zimmet Djerrahian, Jesse Benson, FLINT

3 Solo Projects:Audrey Chan, Elana Mann, Chan & Mann, in collaboration with The Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art & Design

JEFF&GORDON, Not at the Dinner Table


After The Tone by John Burtle

October Surprise Including work by: Becky Grajeda, Bruce Conover, Christian Cummings, Davey Whitcraft, David Gutierrez, Mannlicher Carcano submitted by Doug Harvey, Emi Tamaru, Frownland & Patrice Tullai & Kurt Elzner, Hazel Mandujano, Johanna Reed, Josh Forbes & Anna Magnuson, Karl Jean Petion, Kiki Seror, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Marcus Blake, Matias Viegener, Michael Dee & Anders Lansing, Michelle Wiener, Olga Koumoundouros, Roy Neel, Sean Flaherty, Stephen van Dyck, Tucker Neel, Uranium Orchard, Toban Nichols

In-Phone-Tainment with Amy Radio sponsored by Girl Friend Beer

The Patter of Tiny Brains, curated by Doug Harvey

Volume by Brookhart Jonquil


Bring Football Back by Anthony Carfello

Collective Show LA, 997 North Hill Street Los Angeles, CA

Out The Window in collaboration with LA Freewaves

For More Than One Voice by Elana Mann

Songs by the demiurgic curated by Kristi Lippire

Mostly Musing and Some Rants (things I’ve wanted to talk about for 59 years) by David E. Stone

Cave Out (In Three Parts, All At Once) by OJO in collaboration with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) and Pacific Standard Time hosted by The Getty

Hot Town, a summer group exhibition  featuring Jenn Berger, Kathrin Burmester, Anthony Carfell, Lucky Dragons, DJdollarBin, Rob Faucette, Faüxmish, Mary Beth Heffernan and Bruno Louchouarn, Ian Henderso, Jonathan Lee, Tom Brosseau and Kathy MacPherson, Anna Magnuson, Elana Mann, Renée Petropoulo, Chris Oatey, Jeremy J. Quinn, Erik Qvale, Keith Walsh, John Weston, Davey Whitcraft

More Cinematic Artforum Reviews of Joe Sola’s Work by Joe Sola

Sniper by Christopher Russell

Snowshoe Expedition (Two People Fucking) by Matt Wardell.


From one side to the other, I’ve dreamed that too. An exhibition organized by VOLUME. Including work by: Marcus Civin, Dino Dinco, Zackary Drucker, Seth Horvitz, i8u, Nina Katchadorian, Killsonic Women’s Chorus, M. Lamar, Lissom, Marc Manning, Lucas Michael, Taisha Paggett, David Schafer, Susan Silton, Jacob Sperber, Ultra-red, Dorian Wood

You’ve Got Problems? We’ve Got Solutions. by [name], a curatorial collective including Spencer Douglass, Holly Myers, Paul Pescador, Catherine Taft, Mathew Timmons, Matt Wardell, and Kate Wolf.

Drift/Net by Yann Novak and You

The Archanoids by Mathew Timmons


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