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Before she passed away, I worked with Marcia Tucker as her editorial assistant and archivist to develop this book. Marcia tasked me with making sure it came to fruition and asked that I select certain readings to ensure it maintained its up-to-date content after her passing. I worked with her archive at The Getty Research Institute to compile and organize the material included in this publication. I also was in charge of writing out Marcia's requests with regards to titles, content, and editorial involvement. My contributions are credited in the book's acknowledgments.

“Was That A Prick?” catalog essy for May Contain Explicit Imagery at CB1 Gallery, Los Angeles

“So, What Have You Been Up To?” catalog essay for Flash Forward at The Campbell Hall Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

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Getting Your Sh*t Together: A Manual For Teaching Professional Practices To ARTISTS,
written with Karen Atkinson and GYST Ink, GYST Ink Press, Los Angeles, CA.

Getting Your Sh*t Together: A Professional Practices Manual For ARTISTS, written with Karen Atkinson and GYST Ink, GYST Ink Press, Los Angeles, CA.

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